14 Years as Deepest

14 Years as Deepest

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2018 marks 14 years as the Guinness World Record Holder for the Deepest Dive by a Woman. I am amazed actually! In 2004 I was ranked in the Top 5, now my ranking is closer to 46 (probably lower). To get back up to top 5 I would need to go back and dive sub 260 meters.

Looking back 221 meters has been a gift.

It allowed me to experience the freedom of autonomy for the first time. With that came something I had never experienced before trust for myself and the joy of living outside of limits.

It also showed me how unreal limits really are. The only thing stopping me wasn’t not know the ‘how’ (although that is kinda a biggie), it was the story I was living in, the thoughts I was thinking about how things should be and then waiting for those perfect conditions to happen. My dive was my first experience of what Personal Mastery feels like and what happens when I live from autonomy.

Here is a link to the SportsView Interview I did back in 2014 – Link. One small error on the part of the producers, they have mis-identified support diver Derek Hughes as Nuno Gomes (sorry Nuno).

Loved seeing the footage taken on the dive, especially the Boesmans stuff. The first footage is from Badgat where we practiced – you can tell because the water isn’t clear. The parts where it is wild and we are scrambling with kit over rocks are Boesmans. It is about a 20 minute ‘walk/ climb’ to get to a really small patch of water that then takes you into the third largest underwater cave in the world.

The question is – what dream are you avoiding ? What conditions are you waiting for before you get started ? What step could you take right now (ok, maybe this week) ?

Let me know and of course, if you are up for it, how about a coaching session to see if we can find the thought/ limit that is getting in between you and your dream.

For more lessons I have learnt from my dive, hop onto www.VernavanSchaik.com.

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