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About Deeply Agile

Deeply Agile was founded  in 2018 to create spaces where awesomeness can grow and flow. With a focus on shifting cultures out of the old hierarchical, unilateral control into a more Agile, mutual learning way of thinking and being. Its about experiencing yourself … as a leader, as a team member.

Deeply Agile is about two things, the first is shifting cultures and to do that shifting mindsets and behaviours at an individual and team level.

We do this using a customisable workshop called Agile Teaming & Leading. This workshop focuses individuals on how they show up and why they are choosing specific behaviours. We bring hidden assumptions and beliefs into awareness and so make it possible for individuals to choose a new set of beliefs and assumptions – and so new behaviours and culture is born. For more info, click here

Underpinning Deeply Agile is the work of Simon Sinek. Until we know our why at an individual and team level, we are unable to truly create a path that is deeply satisfying and brings joy into our every day. We bring the ability for team’s and individuals to FIND THEIR WHY and so start to live a more fulfilling life. For more info, click here.

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