Part of what makes me slightly different to the average coach/ facilitator out there is that I hold the Guinness World Record for the Deepest Dive by a Woman (on scuba). It is also a Cave diving world record.

I spent 6 hours in the water in a cave in the Northern Cape called Boesmansgat and reached a depth of 221 meters. At the time (2004) it placed me in the top 5 deepest dives ever. The record still holds today (which in 2018 makes it almost 14 years).

There are many parallels to Agile culture and Agile Transformations in deep cave diving. Not the least of which is the shift from buddy diver where there is always a Dive Master that everyone listens to, to solo diver where the buck literally stops with me, the diver – there is no-0ne to blame if it goes wrong.

Deep record diving is also about exploring the unknown in a way that is safe – just as starting a new Agile transformation is about stepping out of your known into a world that others have been into but is still an unknown for you.

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