I always find it difficult to write about myself in the third person, so I am not going to even try.

I have been working in IT in the financial services space since the mid 90’s and have managed to do a bit of everything within the IT lifecycle. My passion is for shifting cultures and as cultures are made by people, that means creating spaces where people are able to uncover and live their awesomeness.

My speciality is based on my why – creating spaces for change so that awesomeness grows and I do that through the workshops I create and in the spaces I facilitate.

I am not ‘just another facilitator! I create spaces where individuals can engage with themselves and others from a new level, spaces where connections thrive and trust grows and so spaces where true change is possible.

I have an Honours degree from Wits University (in seaweed, but it counts), am a certified Ontological Life Coach and have the usual certifications in SAFE, Kanban, Agile Coaching and Agile Facilitation.

I hold the Guinness World Record for the Deepest Dive by a Woman on Scuba. For more on that, hop onto the Deepest Woman page.

My time at Standard Bank was in the Transformation space where I worked in the Lean, Kanban and Agile spaces –  focusing on mindsets and behaviours and servant leadership workshops where individuals were able to experience double loop learning for themselves and so see for themselves the mental models they are using and the impact those models actually have.

I am also a speaker (see my TedX and other talks), an author (Fatally Flawed – The Quest to be Deepest) and blogger (vernavanschaik.com)