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Delivery Culture Anchors – Safety, Ghosting and Feedback

2021-09-11T09:53:35+12:00Sep 11th, 2021|1 building Delivery Cultures, 3 Empowering the People, 4 enabling Leaders, Personal Mastery|

The REAL Effect of Ghosting People | Simon Sinek - YouTube It's a tricky balance working on shifting from here to something over 'there'. Tricky because until you know your [...]

The Agile Delivery Engine : Actively Creating Cultures of Collaboration (Leveraging Harmony)

2021-09-08T17:34:25+12:00Sep 7th, 2021|1 building Delivery Cultures, Seeing Culture|

A long title, so let me try and unpack. One of the noticeable differences in an agile delivery culture is how the people inside that system interact and the word [...]

Creating Powerful Delivery Cultures – Escaping the Blame Trap

2021-09-09T19:32:31+12:00Sep 3rd, 2021|1 building Delivery Cultures, 3 Empowering the People, Blog|

I am fascinated with one question, what does it take to create exceptional performance ? What makes one team, one individual succeed in this and another not ? Having [...]

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