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Deeply Agile Lab Day 1 JPG

Day 1 is the explore day, where we introduce the mental models and the concept of DOUBLE LOOP LEARNING, namely our behaviour depends on our hidden values and beliefs. Day 1 includes:

  • The mental models (old and new)
  • Living from language and how we use assessments & declarations to create truth
  • How we live from Defensiveness
  • 9 Practical Behaviours to shift culture
Deeply Agile Lab Day2

Day 2 is all about EXPERIENCING YOURSELF This is where you practice and then watch to see how you showed up.  Day 2 also explores:

  • How to create free & informed choice using Feedback
  • Owning how I show up
  • Watching myself and the team to see impact
  • More tools to use to shift into Servant Leadership 
Deeply Agile Lab Day 3 J

The final day is the tie up, the day where we focus on SHIFTING yourself. 

  • What Roles do you play ?
  • How can you and your team take Agile Leadership back into your work ?
  • Using the Facilitation Triangle to get conversations and meetings to flow
  • How do I lead ? A practical exploration of the habits we can’t see
  • Watching myself – a video playback