Creating Powerful Delivery Cultures – Escaping the Blame Trap

2021-09-09T19:32:31+12:00Sep 3rd, 2021|1 building Delivery Cultures, 3 Empowering the People, Blog|

I am fascinated with one question, what does it take to create exceptional performance ? What makes one team, one individual succeed in this and another not ? Having [...]

Every Agile Coaches Existential Crisis – Escaping my Jerk Self… Living The Magic of Curiosity and Creation

2021-09-09T19:57:07+12:00Feb 2nd, 2020|3 Empowering the People, 5 supporting delivery with Agile Coaching, Blog, Personal Mastery, The Hidden Thread|

This is an attempt at capturing a conversation with a fellow agilist who I admire greatly. It is a conversation we find ourselves in regularly as we both try and [...]

Exceptional Agile Delivery is Anchored in Conversations, yes the Stand Up is Key

2021-09-09T19:52:38+12:00Feb 2nd, 2020|2 Building Delivery Engines, Blog|

image: Nirmal Purja Project Possible Ltd. A bold statement.... so let me share my thinking with you. I am curious how this lines up with how you may be seeing [...]

Agile Transformations are Evolutionary, not Revolutionary

2019-10-29T21:56:32+13:00Oct 29th, 2019|5 supporting delivery with Agile Coaching, Blog|

I picked this idea of change being an essential part of what we coach and how we coach during David Anderson's Coaching Kanban workshop and it has stuck with me [...]

ShuHaRi as an Anti-pattern for Agile Exceptional Performance (The Shu Box)

2021-09-09T19:45:20+12:00Aug 18th, 2019|1 building Delivery Cultures, 3 Empowering the People, Blog|

Have you had this experience ? You are working with experienced agilists and are asking questions around why they are doing things the way they are ? What is the [...]

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