Learning Agile

Exceptional Agile Performance Secrets – SEE THE WORK

2020-02-06T00:59:22+13:00Feb 11th, 2019|Agile Exceptional Performance, Agile Mastery/ Practical Agile, Learning Agile, Visualisation|

Me : How does the team see its work ? Scrum Master: Oh! We use Jira! I can see the relief on the SM's face. Bullet dodged, check box checked. [...]

Taking Servant Leadership to a New Level – A New Workshop (Finding Your Agile Blind Spot)

2020-02-06T01:04:33+13:00Jan 13th, 2019|Agile Mindsets, Behaviour & Leadership, Learning Agile, Servant Leadership|

I have been working with Servant Leadership as a 3-day immersion workshop for over 2 years. The workshop is powerful as it takes participants into one of the most persistent [...]

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