Deeply Agile is about creating spaces where your culture can shift and grow and evolve. I am passionate about engaging with the people who are your culture. People aren’t a means to an end – they are the means! When your people ‘get it’, agile happens with ease and delivery transforms.

How do you transform culture ? 

  • Workshops like our 3 day Culture Immersion (The Agile Culture Lab)
  • One-on-one coaching for leaders such as Scrum Masters, Product Owners and RTE’s

Our Culture Interventions

WORKSHOP - Agile Culture Immersion

A highly interactive  3 Day workshop CULTURE IMMERSION designed to shift individuals and teams into Agile Mindsets & Behaviours and improve delivery This workshop is designed in the form of a behaviour laboratory. It allows participants to experience themselves and who shift into a more Agile way of leading and Servant Leadership as a way of creating a collaborative, autonomous team


Using Ontological coaching, a 90 min one-on-one session allows individuals to uncover the assumptions and beliefs that are creating the limits within which they are working.

Coaching sessions focus on all aspects of an individuals being including the prevailing moods that define how the individual sees the world as well as how the body may be supporting or preventing change.