From Outcomes to Bets

From Outcomes to Bets

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Often teams find that they are overwhelmed by delivery and work. So where is the time for change and learning ? Never mind the time, where is the desire ? It is easy for change to become yet another thing that must be done, exactly as instructed with an implied threat of dire consequences of punishment if the requested change isn’t achieved.  But what if we changed the way we frame and so experience change ? What if instead of an outcome that must be achieved, it is a bet ? We are betting that if we do ‘x’ the following will happen ?

A bet changes the heaviness of the change. It makes it more fun and so more likely that a team will embrace the change and make it happen. When we bet on something we are saying we don’t know really what will happen and so we leave the door wide open for learning. 



The Bet Format

We Bet that ” insert your initiative

Will result in “insert your meaningful outcome

If successful we expect to see  “insert the expected observable change 

Working with a Bet

Have a conversation with the team to get their ideas around what will happen when you apply the change. You are looking to get a short list (or long list) of meaningful outcomes and then the most important part, a list of how you know you will achieved these outcomes. This last list is something you can see or hear.

Some Examples of Bets We are Working With

Bet for Learning Minute

We bet that a DAILY LEARNING MINUTE will:

  • allow learning to become part of our work
  • Teams will own learning rather than managers & coaches
  • Processes will improve

If successful, we will see:

  • Teams talking about new ideas and concepts
  • More innovation
  • Work Cards for change
  • People using new ideas without fear

A Bet for the Flow Game Workshop

We bet that THE FLOW GAME  will:

  • Create a common Language
  • Create awareness around what stops & Starts Flow (so starting work that will block)

If successful, we will see:

  • Teams talking about flow & WIP
  • Teams saying No (or not Now)
  • Cross-stream collaboration
  • Early escalation & Declining WAIT WASTE
  • Decrease in blocked work, Increase in Delivery

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