Some of our Key Services

Find Your Agile Blind Spot

A highly interactive  3 Day workshop designed to allow participants to find, engage with and shift their Agile Blind Spot. This is a blend of Leadership, Flow & Visualisation. Firmly grounded in mental models and behaviour, participants get a chance to find out how they are affecting flow. They get to experience new ways of working with Flow & Visual Radiators that enable them and their teams to shift into Exceptional Performance.

The workshop is designed to take individuals & teams to a new level and focuses on practically applying Agile for exceptional performance.

AGILE KICKSTART (Experience Flow)

What does Agile Delivery really look like ? 

What does FLOW look like ?

How do you get this into a team ?

This is a practical, fun, 4 hour experience that :

  • Makes delivery habits visible
  • Introduces tried & tested methods to bring flow into a team
  • Introduces Agile Behaviours that support flow & delivery

If you would like to see your teams using Work in Progress Limits, reducing blocked items and most importantly, getting more work into deployment, then this is the workshop for you.

Find Your Why Workshops & Coaching

A custom designed workshop based on Simon Sinek’s book at talk, Start with Why. When you know your why you are able to make better decisions and so align yourself to the work you love and enjoy.

Choose from a 2 day workshop or private one-on-one coaching to uncover your why.

Speaking/ Talks

Some of the talks I offer:

  • Deep Agility – The Link between a World Record and Agile
  • Building Agility – Shifting from Processes to Culture using Behaviour
  • Creating Leadership Labs to Build an Agile Culture
  • Practical Ways for Scrum Masters to Improve Agility

One-on One Coaching

Using Ontological coaching, a 90 min one-on-one session allows individuals to uncover the assumptions and beliefs that are creating the limits within which they are working.

Coaching sessions focus on all aspects of an individuals being including the prevailing moods that define how the individual sees the world as well as how the body may be supporting or preventing change.

Train the Trainer - Agile Teaming & Leading

Designed for corporates to build their own in-house facilitation ability. This is a series of workshops combined with practical facilitating experience in the actual behaviour labs to enable new facilitators to lead the 3 day Agile Teaming & Leading Workshop.