Build Agile Culture ( Behaviour Lab)


Experience Your Self as a Servant Leader

Experience True Collaboration, Autonomy & Empowerment

A highly interactive  3 Day workshop CULTURE IMMERSION designed to shift individuals and teams into Agile Mindsets & Behaviours and improve delivery This workshop is designed in the form of a behaviour laboratory. It allows participants to experience themselves and shift into a more Agile way of leading and Servant Leadership as a way of creating a collaborative, autonomous team

Experience Flow Workshop

What does Agile Delivery really look like ? 

What does FLOW look like ?

How do you get this into a team ?

This is a practical, fun, 4 hour experience that :

  • Makes delivery habits visible
  • Introduces tried & tested methods to bring flow into a team
  • Introduces Agile Behaviours that support flow & delivery

If you would like to see your teams using Work in Progress Limits, reducing blocked items and most importantly, getting more work into deployment, then this is the workshop for you.

Why Discovery

A custom designed workshop based on Simon Sinek’s book at talk, Start with Why. When you know your why you are able to make better decisions and so align yourself to the work you love and enjoy.

Choose from a 2 day workshop or private one-on-one coaching to uncover your why.

Custom Workshops/ Ad-hoc Facilitation

Not seeing your workshop ? Let me design the workshop you are looking for. Some of my favourites so far:

  • 2 hr Performance Workshop designed to get the team talking about whether or not they have met their goals and what their rating is
  • Role clarification – What is it I do ? What is it you do ? [2hrs]
  • Designing visualisations for better flow
  • Decision Making for autonomous teams