Some of the talks I offer:

  • Deep Agility – The Link between a World Record and Agile
  • Building Agility – Shifting from Processes to Culture using Behaviour
  • Creating Leadership Labs to Build an Agile Culture
  • Practical Ways for Scrum Masters to Improve Agility

Shifting Cultures into Servant Leadership

Based on two talks (Agile Africa 2017 and SUGSA 2017), this is a  45 minute take that focuses on servant leadership and the shift in mindset that comes with it.


Key Concepts included are:

  • How organisations have evolved over the ages (From Red to Teal using Laloux’s organisational evolution framework)
  • How we behave and how that is linked to what we are thinking and believing 
  • The mindsets that support hierarchical organisations as opposed to those that support Agile Collaboration
  • Practical ways to start bringing servant leadership into your space immediately

Click on the image to listen to the Agile Africa talk

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Agile... From a World Record

45 minute talk that links my journey to the Guiness World Record to the Culture transformation journey that is Agile. Yes, they are quite similar. Both are about more than just implementing tools and processes, both require a mental shift from following to leading, from safety to exploration.

  • It’s a solo dive (the shift into autonomy)
  • The dive isn’t the plan
  • Building the path (learning as you go)
  • It takes more than a new way, it takes new thinking

Practical Ways to Build Agile Culture

A 45 minute talk initially done at SUGSA 2017 that took the concepts of double loop learning and used them to create practical interventions for coaches and Scrum Masters.

Topics covered

  • The two mental models that create the old culture and Agile
  • How behaviour is linked to values and beliefs (double loop learning)
  • Shifting behaviour requires a structure/ common concepts
  • Social Contracts
  • Using language to shift 
  • Honouring No
  • Powerful sentences that shift culture