Learning Minute – Kanban Cards

Learning Minute – Kanban Cards

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Learning Minute Kanban Cards

What is the origin of the Kanban card and how was it intended to be used… so are we using them in the most effective way ?

In Japan they have a Botanical garden that is very popular. People queue for ages to get in. When you go through the gate you get given a white disc. There is no charge, you just get a white disc. When you leave you hand the disc back.

At the entry gate they only let people in if they have discs to hand out. No more discs then the garden is full.

This is how the Kanban card should be used in your Visualisation. When you run out of cards, you stop adding new work and finish what you started. 

The Kanban card is there as a placeholder to tell you when you have pulled your capacity. 

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