Learning Minute Trust

We talk about creating Trust a lot, but what does it mean ? What are the characteristics of Trust ?

Ontological coaching describes trust using 5 aspects, which make up the word RISK (well almost)

The R stands for reliability. We tend to not trust people who aren’t reliable. 

The S stands for Sincerity. If someone isn’t sincere when they say they will do something then we won’t trust that we will get it.

The C is the easiest, it stands for Competence. If we don’t think someone is able or competent then we won’t trust them to deliver.


The most interesting aspect of creating trust is the ‘I’ which stands for Involvement. This aspect is about whether or not the other person seems to be involved and understand your concerns and what is important to you. If we feel that someone else has a different motive or agenda or that they don’t understand what is important to us, we will instinctively not trust them.

Think about someone who you are finding it difficult to trust ? Which is the aspect is it that you are worried about ? 

Using RISC you can now have a conversation with that person and express your concerns in a way that is less likely to create defensiveness and well, more mistrust

Challenge Your Self!

Spend some time with a relationship where you feel the trust isn’t there. What aspects of RISK are at play for you ? What aspects of RISK may be at play for the other person ? 

Find specific instances where you can as this makes a conversation easier and less personal. If it is reliability, what examples do you have that speak to the other person not being reliable ?

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