Personal Mastery – What Are you Adding ?

Personal Mastery – What Are you Adding ?

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We all have an impact on the people around us and on the system.

Think about someone you enjoy spending time with ? Think about someone you avoid spending time with ?

That is the power of a single person.

The question is, what are you adding to the system ?

If you are in a system where there is no trust ? Are you adding more distrust ?

If you are in a system where there is fear and defensiveness, do you respond with fear and defensiveness and so allow that  to grow and strengthen ?

Cultures are made up by people. When people add fear to the system a culture of fear is created. When people – ONE BY ONE – refuse to respond with fear then and only then the system can start to change.

What are you adding to the system ? How are you sustaining the culture you are living in ? Now, is this the culture you want to be living in and how could you start to create something you would like to live in.


For the next week take 5 minutes at the end of the day and just review. What do you think your impact was ? What did you add to the system ? How much of your time was spent reacting ? How hard or easy is it for you to choose how to react ? 

What would you like to be adding to the system ?

How could you do that tomorrow ?

Remember to be GENTLE with yourself! How you react is a habit built over a lifetime. It isn’t wrong or even right, it just is and has a specific impact. When you cultivate awareness you can start to cultivate choices that can change that impact. 

If you are still struggling, please give me a call! This is what I enjoy doing – creating spaces where people can change the impact they are having and start to choose how they are reacting. 

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