We often forget that teams are made up of people! It is the personal mastery of individuals that creates cultures and can shift a team from ‘just another team’, do high performing.

Personal Mastery isn’t just about technical excellence. It is also about your ability to connect with others, how you listen – the impact you have in a space!

We start this journey to Personal Mastery unaware of who we are and the impact we have and then, if we choose, we start to become more aware, more masterful at choosing our actions rather than just reacting.

Here are some of the ways Deeply Agile supports building personal mastery (and yes, they are all ways I use on a daily basis)

Living from Your Why

When you live from meaning and purpose, life is exciting and you can turn any 


moment into one that is full of delight. Without understanding your Why it is a bit hit and miss – you may be doing something you like, you probably aren’t.

When I found my Why everything shifted for me, including the joy I got out of a job that wasn’t quite right. 

Deeply Agile offers two ways for you to FIND YOUR WHY – a open, group workshop or a one-on-one coaching session.

Personal Mastery Workshop

It is impossible for us to really understand and grasp how others experience us and so the impact we are actually having. The Experience Your Self Workshop is about doing just that – creating a space where you can see the mental models and maps that you are using and the impact you are actually having.

This workshop takes your level of mastery to a new level and creates a space for you to shift into a new way of showing up and leading. It brings out your Servant Leader.

Immunity Mapping

It is hard to change, because we have a built in Immunity. We have a set of assumptions and beliefs that we aren’t aware of that take our best intentions and thwart them. Until you uncover those beliefs it is impossible to create lasting change.

Immunity mapping is a process that allows you to uncover the hidden assessments and beliefs you have that are stopping you from acting in the way that you would like to, a way that would be more impact, more useful.


Coaching is a key tool for exploring your way of thinking and so the impact you are having. A 90 minute conversation, coaching allows you to become aware of the beliefs that you have about yourself and the world and so shift into a new way of interacting – from reacting to conscious choice.

Without coaching it is difficult to uncover these invisible limits. Friends tend to help and give advice, rather than listen and allow you to explore your thinking and find your own way.