Agile Culture

Exceptional Agile – It’s the System, not the People

2020-02-06T02:49:50+13:00Feb 12th, 2020|Agile Culture/ Teal Cultures, Agile Exceptional Performance|

on the people. Either way, I suspect the results are dulled when we focus on one over the other. Why ? Because more and more I am seeing how the [...]

Creating Flow – The 20:80 Collaboration Rule

2020-02-06T01:02:41+13:00Feb 6th, 2019|Agile Mastery/ Practical Agile, Agile Mindsets, Behaviour & Leadership, Flow|

We speak about collaboration and bemoan the fact that our teams aren’t using it, but do we actually want collaboration ? Without it we can’t get work to flow inside [...]

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