What does Agile Delivery really look like ? 

What does FLOW look like?

How do you get this into a team ?

This is a practical, fun, 4 hour experience that :

  • Makes delivery habits visible
  • Introduces tried & tested methods to bring flow into a team
  • Introduces Agile Behaviours that support flow & delivery

If you would like to see your teams using Work in Progress Limits, reducing blocked items and most importantly, getting more work into deployment, then this is the workshop for you.

Note there is a min number for this workshop of 5 people and a max of 15


  • Establish a common understanding as to what flow is and isn’t
  • Create an awareness of practical intervention that promote flow & continuous delivery
  • Create a common language around flow

Concepts Introduced

  • Work in Progress Limits
  • Practically using T-shaped resources
  • Blocked work and induced work and the impact on actual capacity
  • Shifting from Unilateral control to PULL & COLLABORATION