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grow – Agile Coaches & Coaching

A key element in shifting into a strong  delivery culture is how we enable individuals and teams to learn and grow. This is where Agile Coaches come into play. It takes a combination of knowledge on processes and practices, experience to understand how to practically implement these and then a suite of ‘soft’ skills to create an environment that is both safe and challenges teams to see what else is possible.

As a coach, how are you building your capability ? 

Using a structured approach we engage directly with individual coaches to support them in growing their influence and ability as an Agile coach. We start where you are at and work from there, identifying the immediate next steps and filling in the gaps across coaching as a skill, facilitation and of course agile ‘content’.

We are working on 7 levers that co-create powerful coaching spaces for coaches. The fundamental principle is that coaches are unique and the quality of their coaching (and so the value and impact they have) is directly to a combination of what they know about agile and how they use what they know.

If you want to find out more and participate in coaching circles designed to grow you as a coach, please contact us or connect into the following meetup (Auckland based)

What are the levers ?

  1.  Activate the Person
  2. Activate the Space
  3. Activate the Human (Mind the Jerk)
  4. Activate the Journey
  5. Activate the System
  6. Activate Leadership
  7. Activate Agile

Read more about the Agile Levers in our blog series:

We are working on the ‘how’ of enabling coaches and one of the things we are working in is coaching circles. A way to connect with fellow coaches and mentors and actively grow who you are as a coach.

Circles are small (no more than 3 coaches) with a mentor. Mentors stay with the circle for as long as the circle chooses (6 weeks is the recommended minimum).

Mentors allow circles to choose a specific focus for a 6 week period. Some of the mentorship foci

  • Lever 1 : Activating the Person/ Coach and strengthening your Coaching Voice
  • Lever 2 : Activating the System, working with a True North and Guard Rails
  • Seeing and working with the system we are in
  • Coaching into Behavour and Cultire
  • Using Kanban and Visualisation

If you are interested, please connect.

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grow — Agile Coaching & Coaches
build– Delivery Cultures
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Activate — Personal Excellence

build – Agile Delivery as a Culture

What if you looked at delivery as a combination of characteristics, a combination of empowered people and effective process that focuses on delivering more value to the customer, with more ease, fewer surprises, more frequently and with more delight ?

Each of these lenses (people and process) should be in balance and at any time on of these tends to be slowing things down and taking the ease out of the delivery experience.

Without people there is no delivery. They are heart blood of the system. Brilliant people are able to get the best out of processes that may be less effective.

This is one of the focuses of our workshops and one-on-one coaching and we have found that by focusing on empowering the people, the ability for teams to adapt and problem solve significantly improves.


Here are some ideas around how to really empower people so that they are able to bring their best into every day.

Agile Transformation is a combination of shifting Leadership and Culture as well as ways of working. Leaders can be what enables or disables a shift into a new way of delivering.

A key element in how leaders do their thing is the mental models they use. This is where Servant Leadership comes in.

Here are some ideas on how to activate your agile leadership:

Lever 6 : Activate Leadership (1)

Culture eats strategy every time. So how do you see your culture ? What makes up culture and how can you focus on your culture so that it supports your delivery ?

Here are some articles that reflect on how cultures build and are created.

The whole point is to be able to deliver value to your customer. Delivery is a key element of any delivery culture. It is the engine of your organisation. This is where agile processes and practices come in.

Without people there is no delivery and people need and use processes to get it done.

Here are some ideas around how process and practice support people in delivering more value, with more ease and more delight.

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Have a look at our other programmes

grow — Agile Coaching & Coaches
build– Delivery Cultures
receive — Agile Mentorship
activate — Personal Excellence

receive  – Agile Mentorship

In order to grow agile capability and so improve the impact of an Agile Transformation, organisations need to ensure they have the right mix of experience. Agile mentorship is a service we offer whereby we mentor select individuals and roles around key skills that enable that role.

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Have a look at our other programmes

grow — Agile Coaching & Coaches
build– Delivery Cultures
receie– Agile Mentorship
actvate– Personal Excellence

activate – Personal Excellence

People use the processes to generate value that your customers consume and enjoy. Activating every Person allows a Delivery Culture to find its own rhythm, uniqueness and excellence

At the heart of agile is the individual. At the heart of exceptional performance and delivery is the individual. This is a remote workshop series that focuses on activating the attributes that enable any individual to shift into stronger, more effective performance and delivery.

It is based on one of the invisible characteristics of agile, curiosity and being able to learn what you don’t know.

What is it ?

  • A 4 part, fortnightly, 2.5 hr remote workshop series

If you would like to find out more and when our next series is running, please get in touch

I can’t say this enough, People are at the heart of delivery. Every person has the potential to contribute and enabling this is key to strong delivery.

Here are some articles on what exceptional performers do differently

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Have a look at our other programmes

grow — Agile Coaching & Coaches
build– Delivery Cultures
receive– Agile Mentorship
activate– Personal Excellence
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