About Deeply Agile

Deeply Agile was founded  in 2018 to co- create spaces where EXCEPTIONAL AGILE PERFORMANCE flows with ease.

We are a loose collective of agilists, with a focus on getting to the Spirit of Agile, making it practical and supporting coaches and teams in using agile to solve real life problems.

Deeply Agile focuses on People and Process.

Bad systems beat good people every time (Demming) and Systems are only as great as the people who are using them.

So we focus on using agile practices from Scrum and Kanban that make sense. We don’t install processes, we create spaces for exceptional agile delivery so we also focus on shifting cultures out of hierarchical, unilateral control into more Agile, mutual learning ways of thinking, doing and being.

We also focus on Agile Coaches – because no agile transformation can go further then their coach!

We are located in various places, depending on who is linking in at the moment. Founder Verna van Schaik is based in Auckland, New Zealand

What workshops are available is also dependant on who is where, so if something interests you, reach out .and we can chat about what is possible where you are and where we are.

Underpinning Deeply Agile is the work of Simon Sinek. Until we know our why at an individual and team level, we are unable to truly create a path that is deeply satisfying and brings joy into our every day. We bring the ability for team’s and individuals to FIND THEIR WHY and so start to live a more fulfilling life.

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