What would it look like for empowered people to be delivering more value with more ease ?

Deeply Agile is about rethinking delivery.

How could we deliver more value, with more ease, fewer surprises more frequently and with delighted people ?

It’s about what happens when we blend and balance people and process, when agile becomes a means to an end.

Exceptional Delivery is about how the people use processes to deliver more value.

Our goal is to create new conversations, new ways of observing the impact we have on the world and a new context for skills and practices like Agile.

We do that through by being curious and writing and through a boutique selection of workshops – all focusing on activating delivery as a culture and enabling and empowering the people to be true agents of delivery and change.

Oh, we also talk about Agile as an enabler. The practices work when the people are empowered!

I would like…

Our Coaching and Mentorship programmes

Some interesting reads on the topic

Embedding Agility from the Inside – Shifting Focus from the Present to the Future Now

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When you work in Agile Transformations you start to notice trends - things that happen regardless of the organisation. One of these is how internal talent is activated and leveraged. What do I mean ? Well a Ways of Working [...]

Delivery Culture Anchors – Safety, Ghosting and Feedback

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The REAL Effect of Ghosting People | Simon Sinek - YouTube It's a tricky balance working on shifting from here to something over 'there'. Tricky because until you know your starting point it is hard to pick first steps. If [...]


“In this short time I have grown a lot at respect for you and what you stand for. I hope that I can become an example of what you want to achieve”

“Facilitator feedback. The respect I have for U is unimaginable. The ability to touch people’s lives is a gift only a few possess. Thank You!“

“Don’t look at the words ‘servant leadership’ this course is mind blowing. It brings out the good in every person”

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