Collaboration isn’t Compromise

Are we confusing collaboration with compromise ?

If we are using non-Agile mindsets we are coming from a belief system where we have to win! If we aren’t winning we are loosing. When we get asked to work with people we interpret this as having to compromise which means giving up something that is important to us… so loosing.

But collaboration isn’t about compromising! Collaboration is a whole new way of interpreting the world. When we collaborate we are not trying to convince anyone that we have the right way, so we don’t have to compromise to get as much of our way into the solution. What we are doing is letting go of OUR WAY and working on a solution that is the best of what I am thinking and what you are thinking. We are co-creating something new, something that uses what I know and what you know to create a new answer.

When we collaborate everyone is involved. There are no losers.

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