This is part of a blog series on 7 Levers that co-create a powerful space for coaches to really be impactful.

For all the levers, see the 7 Coaching Levers overview blog post.

This blog covers an introductory view of the lever. More is to follow as this unpacks and emerges

There is a 7th lever, Activating Agile. I suspect all of you thought I would lead with that. How do we do that ? We talk about the patterns and anti-patterns for delivery that we are seeing and we reference these into an outcome or bet that will have the most significant impact to improving the delivery of value with ease. Then we look at all the agile levers we have, across Scrum and Kanban and Lean and we pick the one that could be the most impactful.

There are some starting levers, stand up’s (note, not daily Scrum), backlog refinement and replacement and of course sprint planning. We also play with looking for waste (it’s a no brainer to take out obvious waste and gives team time back) and of course the biggest and least used lever, manual visualisation.