I have been working with Servant Leadership as a 3-day immersion workshop for over 2 years. The workshop is powerful as it takes participants into one of the most persistent Agile Blind Spot, who I show up and the impact I have on Flow. It has been hard to adjust a winning recipe, but as I settle into 2019 and my new book starts to evolve I am finding that the workshop needs some tweaking.

The new 2019 format is bolder. It takes Okaloa Flow lab, the principles of visual radiators and Leadership and pulls it all together into one workshop. This is much more than an exploration of Agile Leadership & Culture. This is about engaging with your Agile Blindspot and shifting into Exceptional Performance.

Curious ? I would love to take the workshop (Find Your Agile Blind Spots) out for a spin with you and your team, so please get in touch.

What if all it took was 3-days to shift your team out of their old habits and into habits that take delivery into a whole new space ?