on the people. Either way, I suspect the results are dulled when we focus on one over the other. Why ? Because more and more I am seeing how the system can stop people. More and more I am seeing how we only see the people and so assume (its one of those biases we forget we have), that if it ain’t working, it must be the people.

Deming once said a bad system beats a good person every time !

  • Good people need good systems.
  • Exceptional Performance needs systems that adapt and learn and grow.
  • Systems are created by people!

Let me say that again, SYSTEMS ARE CREATED BY PEOPLE! Every culture, every system has been invented by a person. Which means every system, every culture can be changed!

People get broken by systems and people can change systems.

How are you seeing the impact of the system you are in ?

How are you working with the system