Learning Minute Plants

Most of us at some time have had a bash at keeping a plant alive. How do you do it ? When it dies, what do you do ? Do you shout at the plant and give it an official warning and perhaps a really lousy performance appraisal ?

You don’t right ?

When a plant isn’t doing well you give it water or fertiliser, more sun, you change the conditions and give it what it needs to grow and thrive !

People also need the right conditions in which to thrive. I have been in teams where I have been told that I am the problem child, an awful performer, the weakest link. I moved teams and excelled. I didn’t change, my leadership, my team, the atmosphere, the conditions, they are what changed.
What kind of space are you creating for people ?
Are they thriving or dying ?

Challenge Your Self!

Take some time to really become aware of how the people around you are thriving. What kind of space are you all living in ?

What kind of space would allow you to thrive ?

How could you create that for yourself and for the people around you ?

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