Not my best picture, but I found I have reached the limits of my drawing.

Imagine you have spent 3 months delivering window winders! I guess this only works for the older generation who used to have to wind a window up with a handle in a car, not press a button.

You have delivered in record time, a record amount…. only there is no value or need for what you have delivered.

How many teams are proud of their story point delivery rate ?

How many Product Owners are tearing their hair out because they aren’t experiencing value… which means the customer isn’t either!

We focus on delivery and we use story points to measure that, what we don’t measure is the VALUE that those story points add.

Go to any visual radiator or feature team wall. Where do you see the value that is being added ? How do you see the value being added ?

Does it really matter how many story points we deliver if we aren’t delivering the right value at the right time ?

Challenge Your Self!

On every Kanban card or story add the value that story is adding. You can use a Rand value or a number out of 10, but find and agree on a way that will allow you to be able to see the value.

Now, how does the actual value match what you are delivering ?

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