Learning Minute Everyone

What we think about people is how we treat them. We tend to come from the belief that every day, the people we meet got up and said, “Today I am going to be grumpy and rude and make everyone’s life a misery! “

No-one wants to have a bad day! 

No-one wants to be bad at their job!

Everyone, every day is ALWAYS doing the best that they can given the circumstances they are in, with the skill set, experience and knowledge they have and the mindsets, attitude and mood they are in!

If you come from a different assumption about people you will treat them as if they are out to get you and they will know it, even if you don’t say it!

So why not challenge your self and instead work from the assumption that everyone is doing their best and see how your impact suddenly changes.

Challenge Your Self!

Every morning remind yourself that people are trying to do their best! When you are about to go into a meeting or have a difficult conversation, remind yourself again that this is not someone who is deliberately out to have a bad day!

How do you show up differently when you are coming from this assumption as opposed to your normal assumption ?

What difference does it make ?

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