Learning Minute SayYes

You have a jar. It is for sweets. You have been told that the jar must always be full – there will be severe consequences if you have an empty jar. In fact, your jar should at all times be full. The problem is that sweets don’t come all the time, sometimes there are just biscuits. So you put the biscuits into your jar, so that it is always full. 

Then the sweets are finally available and guess what ? There is now no room for them in the jar.

A bit of a daft story perhaps, but still a good way to visualise the impact of saying, “Yes!” to something that isn’t ready or isn’t quite right. There are only so many hours in the day and if you say, “Yes!” to something that isn’t what you are really supposed to be doing then you are in fact saying. “No!” to anything else that could have been done in that time. 

So next time you find yourself tempted to say, Ÿes!”, for whatever reason, think first about what you are in fact saying, “No!” to ??? It may be more worthwhile to just not be busy for a while so that you have the space for the right thing to fill.