Learning Minute Courage

Can you describe something that is courageous ? (Ask the team)

Listen for a story that describes a courageous act – someone doing something that everyone else was too terrified to do.

Then ask the team to think about a time when they did something courageous. Pause for 10 seconds. Got it ?

Right! What did it feel like when you were being courageous ? 

Pause for 10 seconds ? Anyone want to share ?


If it doesn’t come out reflect on what you have heard and add in the following.

The theme from what you have been sharing is that for the most time, courage is an act! We even call it an act of courage. And if you think about those times when you did something courageous, you did it even though you were afraid.

So why then do we wait until we feel courageous to get past our fear ?

Think about it!

What if courage isn’t a feeling at all and we are wasting our time waiting for something that doesn’t exist ?


Take a situation your are afraid of and think about the smallest step you could take that would shift you into doing.

Then do it!