Today was the first ever Servant Leadership meet up (well at least in Gauteng) and boy was I impressed. We had some really interesting conversations, exploring how cultures are generated, the place purpose and values play in these cultures and of course, the role that we as servant leaders play.

Here are some of the highlights. 

“Is the purpose of a servant leader to create a space where an individual is able to live their own purpose ?”

“Organisations are not designed for individuals to succeed “

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“When we aren’t living from our purpose we loose our selves and start to hate the places we work in “

“Millenials have changed the way we lead to accommodate what they are bringing into the space”

“Millennial expect a certain level of privilege based on their education and then are disappointed when they enter the workplace and have to work for it (I can’t help wondering if this isn’t a more pervasive expectation)”

“Values that are anti-patterns for servant leadership cultures are efficiency, the need to be safe (psychologically) and the constant drive to deliver”

“Servant leaders creates spaces that consciously shift from transactional interactions and relationships to connected interactions and relationships – a change from people as mindless automatons/ machines to people as human with more to offer than a role”

“You get sucked into what everyone else is becoming, rather than becoming you who are and what makes you shine and awesome”

“We are contorted into the shape the organisation demanded of us “

“What role do servant leaders play in shifting the structures that force a specific reaction and behaviour ?”

Thanks to everyone who attended and shared so freely! I am looking forward to the next meet up, first Tuesday of June. Join us and be part of creating a space where we all get live unafraid of greatness.