Can you remember a time when you won ? A game or perhaps it was something less obvious, your idea was the one that was implemented and used. It felt awesome right ? You felt awesome!

Now, remember a time when you came second, when you lost ? Remember the last time someone didn’t listen to your ideas and over-rode you and you were forced to implement someone else’s idea – they had won, you lost! How did that feel ?

How invested were you in making that idea happen ?

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We have been taught to believe that to be a good employee we have to win, often at all costs but winning comes at a price. There can be only one winner, EVERYONE ELSE LOOSES!

Remember how it felt to loose, to not be listened to ? Why would you want to make anyone else feel like that ?

Why not rather incorporate everyone’s ideas and co-create something that everyone is invested in, something everyone has a stake in ? Can you imagine how much fun it would be to work in a space like that ? Where you never lost ?